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Welcome to Malachite Consulting

Malachite Consulting offers value adding consulting services for the process development of mineral resources.

These consulting services are targeted at the conceptual project development stage when key project decisions are made. These decisions can significantly influence the eventual outcome of a project and Malachite Consulting can provide the necessary expertise at an early stage of project development.

Malachite Consulting has the capacity to undertake engineering scoping studies which can involve metallurgical testwork, process flowsheet development, mass & energy balances, plant layouts, major equipment sizing & specification, preliminary capital and operating cost estimates. Following on from the preliminary engineering studies, Malachite Consulting provides experienced management services for the pre-feasibility and bankable feasibility studies, FEED, EPCM and commissioning phases of the project. 

Malachite Consulting also provides management and technical support for technology review & selection, patent preparation and opposition, engineering project management, process plant commissioning, health & safety reviews of plant operations, process plant operational reviews and support, project technical due diligence, financial modelling and expert witness services.

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