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Project References


Tati Activox, Botswana – LionOre Mining – Technical due diligence for pressure leaching of nickel sulphide concentrates using Activox technology

Mibango Nickel, Tanzania – Goldstream Resources – Scoping study for the recovery of Ni, Co and PGM’s

Heap Leach, Finland – Talvivaara Mining Company – Technical due diligence for the bacterial heap leaching of nickel sulphide ore

Impala Platinum, South Africa – Experience with smelting of sulphide concentrates, pressure leaching of matte and metals refining

Kwinana Nickel Refinery, Western Australia – WMC Resources – Experience with pressure leaching, solution purification and metals production

Mt Keith, Western Australia – WMC Resources – Testwork and engineering studies for sulphide concentrate leaching

Mt Keith, Western Australia – WMC Resources – Preliminary testwork and concept studies considering bacterial heap leaching

Yakabindie, Western Australia – WMC Resources – Due diligence and engineering feasibility studies considering various processing options

West Musgrave, Western Australia – WMC Resources – Conceptual engineering studies examining various processing options


Nickel Laterite Project, Queensland – Process reviews, reduction roasting testwork and scoping study

Nickel Laterite Project, West Africa – Process review and heap leach testwork

Nickel Laterite Project, Indonesia – Testwork and scoping study for DRI (Direct Reduced Iron) project

Ambatovy Nickel Project, Madagascar – Technical due diligence on HPAL process

Ravensthorpe Nickel Project, Western Australia – HPAL project independent review and technical due diligence

Nickel Laterite Project, Indonesia – Due diligence for Atmospheric Leach bankable feasibility study

Onça-Puma, Brazil – Canico – Ferronickel smelter evaluation

Ferronikeli, Kosovo – KTA – Ferronickel smelter evaluation

Cumpié Hill, Dominican Republic – Cormidom – (a) Pyromet & hydromet process options study (b) DSO scoping study

Wowo Gap , Papua New Guinea – RMC – HPAL project evaluation

Larco, Greece – Testwork and scoping studies for heap leaching of nickel laterites

Meta Nickel, Turkey – Testwork and conceptual studies for development of nickel laterites

Confidential Client, Indonesia – Heap leaching testwork and scoping study

Las Camariocas, Cuba – Testwork and pre-feasibility studies for Caron processing of nickel laterites


Cobalt Sulphides – Review of metallurgical testwork and engineering studies

Cobalt Oxides – Review of metallurgical testwork, process plant design and engineering scoping study

Cobalt Refining – Metallurgical testwork, process plant design, commissioning and operations


Olympic Dam, South Australia – WMC Resources – Testwork, flowsheet development and management of ODO Expansion Study

ANSTO, New South Wales – Testwork, process flowsheet development and patent applications for novel processing of uranium concentrates

Mt Gee, South Australia – Marathon Resources – Metallurgical testwork for both atmospheric and heap leaching of ore using sulphuric acid

Confidential Client, India – Uranium pressure leaching of ore using alkali lixiviant

Confidential Client, Namibia – Testwork, flowsheet development and process modelling for atmospheric leaching of uranium ore using alkali

Confidential Client, Zambia – Pilot plant trials and engineering studies for atmospheric leaching of uranium ore using alkali


Confidential Client, Queensland – Technology review, scoping study and polymetallic sulphide concentrate pressure oxidation plus downstream refining testwork

Olympic Dam, South Australia – WMC Resources – Testwork, flowsheet development and management of ODO Expansion Study

Copper/Gold Smelter & Refinery, Indonesia – Process reviews, technology selection, process modelling and prefeasibility study management

Copper Sulphide Smelting – Review of smelting technology and site visits to copper smelters in Indonesia, Japan, Europe, USA and Canada

Confidential Client – Copper project engineering studies and EPCM joint venture

Copper Concentrate Leaching, Queensland – Technology review for concentrate pressure leaching, solution purification and electrowinning

Copper Solvent Extraction – Risk & safety reviews, development of novel SX technology and various site visits

Copper Heap Leaching – Processing options reviews and testwork for bacterial leaching of copper sulphide ores

Copper Heap Leaching – Review of North and South American copper oxide heap leach operations

Impala Platinum, South Africa – Operations management of copper purification and electrowinning operations


Confidential Client, Greenland – Process reviews and desktop study for pressure oxidation of zinc sulphide concentrates


Confidential Client, Western Australia – Process reviews, technology selection, pilot plant testwork and prefeasibility study management for mercury recovery from roaster off-gas and production of mercury calomel


Confidential Client, Australia – Manganese ore beneficiation – expert witness


Confidential Client, Western Australia – Liquid oxygen, nitrogen and argon cryogenic plant – expert witness

(Further details on specific project and commodity experience is available on request)