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About Malachite Consulting

The principal of Malachite Consulting, Bruce Wedderburn, is a professional Chemical Engineer with extensive international management experience in operations management, major projects, business development and technology development.

Malachite Consulting is supported by a number of experienced professionals with experience in the minerals industry, including specific expertise in nickel sulphides, nickel laterites, copper, cobalt, uranium, mercury, manganese, mineral sands, rare earths, gold and the platinum group metals.

This expertise covers a wide range of minerals processing techniques from mine planning through to metals production, including interpretation of mineralogical analyses, mine pit optimisation, GeoMet modelling, milling, beneficiation, dense media separation, flotation, smelting, pressure leaching, atmospheric leaching, heap leaching, solvent extraction, ion exchange, metals purifcation and refining, plus saleable intermediate and LME deliverable metal production. 

In addition to the technical expertise, Malachite Consulting has undertaken technical due diligence on many projects, provided project management services, managed testwork programs, run financial modelling to understand the key performance drivers and undertaken financial sensitivity analyses.

Key strengths of the Malachite Consulting group include leadership, teamwork, results delivery, responding to significant challenges and effective decision making.

Typical consultancy services would include:

  • Operating plant reviews and site visits,
  • Health and safety reviews,
  • Technical due diligence,
  • Project review and assessments,
  • Expert witness services,
  • Scoping and pre-feasibility engineering studies,
  • Project management of engineering feasibility studies,
  • Technology development,
  • Patent preparation and opposition, 
  • Process flowsheet development,
  • Capital & operating cost estimates, and
  • Financial evaluations.

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